ACG Consultants, LLC staff will work closely with you to ensure that no deviations from your company's position profile occur. We are committed to delivering only the best candidates for your opportunities. Aggressive research and sophisticated profiling techniques based on proven behavioral models and tested over the last 35 years enable us to present to you a pre-qualified candidate "short list" that meets the requirements set forth by you, our client.

How exactly can a professional recruiter ensure success in a "tight" market where specialized skills are at a premium and competition for them is fierce?

In the current job market, a recruiter needs to be especially adept at identifying market conditions and factors which may influence candidates to move into different jobs or to remain in their present employment. Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and other forms of market contraction or expansion become telling factors for those professionals capable of interpreting these changes. The ACG Consultants, LLC's team of professionals have developed the intelligence, resources, and the professional network necessary to compile, interpret and act on the basis of these factors.
We ensure success by utilizing an extensive recruiting process, by doing our "homework" and through the cultivation of the most extensive professional recruiting network in the world!      

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